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June 9, 2019 0 Comments Editorial, News

Tarrus Riley B.L.E.M. EP Release Party

International recording artist Tarrus Riley has a new project on the way he is excited to share with his fans and music lovers worldwide. The project produced by Andron “IzyBeats” Cross, is titled B.L.E.M (Blending Life’s Experiences Musically).

In Jamaica we don’t say blend we say blem, and that stands for a mixture. The project is called B.L.E.M, and it’s an acronym for Blending Life’s Experiences Musically. Every song has a different feeling and a different mood, its mood music. Its a little touch of international, a little touch of afro beats a little touch of our Caribbean scotch bonnet pepper in the blem” says Tarrus Riley.

The five (5) track project produced by Andron “IzyBeats” Cross, highlights the multi talented Tarrus Riley showcasing his ability to create music in every style. “It was important for me to produce Tarrus Riley outside of what many are use to, didn’t want the ragamuffin voice Tarrus, I wanted to showcase the melodic, sweet voice and put a spin on it” says Andron “IzBeats” Cross.

Today Tarrus Riley release the cover of B.L.E.M, which was created by Joshua Brown, creative director at Creative Titans. The album cover signifies the explosive energy and vibe Tarrus and IzyBeats deliver on this five track project. With features from Ghanian artist Stonebwoy and new sensation ‘Reggae royalty’ Lila Ike, this project delivers a ‘fresh sound’, which many will hold near and remember as a the voice of T4000 aka Tarrus Riley.

1. G.Y.A.L. featuring Stonebwoy
2. Kryptonite
3. Feel It
4. Trust Issues featuring Izy
5. Waters featuring Lila Ike
Blending Life’s Experiences Musically
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
Singy Singy EP Release Party inside Katra in NYC
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
The many phases… Great EP Singy Singy
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
Genie Sweetness and Singy Singy
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
Noah Powa Keeping the same Energy
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
Macka Diamond in D Building!
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
Producer @izyareyoukiddingme
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
Tarrus Riley & Andron “IzyBeats” Cross
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
DJ Paul Michael & Genie Sweetness
Photo Credit- Alisha Camille
March 18, 2019 0 Comments News

Knxtti In South Africa

Two years ago while surfing the internet, I discovered a reggae sound-system by the name of Kebra Ethiopia, who was based in South Africa. Their unique style of “selecting” drew me in immediately… and the Zulu infused Skanking that accompanied their fiery selections made the experience even more interested. 

Two years later, I booked a trip to South Africa and set out to find Kebra Ethiopia and experience them in real time. I contacted Doc Inity, the main selector on the sound, via Instagram and we exchanged numbers. I agreed to meet up at a Soweto Street party, but unfortunately I arrived a bit later than planned and missed him.

However I was able to secure some good herbs  (big up Joint Pusher) and I took in the authentic street vibes. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN REGGAE IN THE GHETTO. This is where it is from… the streets. To see an entire community out in unity enjoying reggae… it was the height of my trip to SA. The steppas were on board, the herbs was blazing, the vibes were flowing. THIS IS REGGAE, I thought a few times that night… real reggae.

I met a young woman by the name of Starr Zulu (shown above) who was very knowledgable about the reggae scene and offered to be my guide. So we exchanged info and are currently planning for my return in December. For those who say “REGGAE IS DEAD” in South Africa… NO it isn’t. Its very much alive, but you will have to go to the ghetto to find it. Stay tuned, I will return SA.