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January 22, 2017 0 Comments Editorial, News

Nachy Bless- By Janel To The Core


The saturation of inspiring singers and songwriters in New York City is predominantly a downfall, without passion for the craft. Talent alone isn’t enough for an independent artist to position into the spotlight. No matter which stage they choose to take, whether being the subway station or a concert setting, They better have that “it factor”, to remain memorable. There are a few names that stand out when the topic is good impression, but there is one who recently caught my attention.

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January 14, 2017 0 Comments Editorial, News

Immediate warning: Ultimate satisfaction guaranteed after you indulge in the Power of Reggae


Immediate warning: Ultimate satisfaction guaranteed after you indulge in the Power of Reggae.

When asked “What does reggae music execute for you?

“Roots reggae is like the vibe of a perfect Saturday morning…waking up on fresh clean sheets to the smell of coffee…knowing that the house is clean and my loved ones ain’t far away. it just puts my spirit at ease. Dancehall and soca give me a serious boost anytime I’m feeling low. I just can’t help but dance! and dance is the cure for most things for me.” M.M Foxworth

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October 17, 2016 0 Comments Editorial

This Monday Morning Feeling…

It’s MONDAY Morning at POWER OF REGGAE HQ or should I say the LION’S DEN… What a great feeling to be here for another Strong (Bun a weekday). We have so much in store for you, reggae lovers. The thing about Reggae is, we have allies in every genre and lovers in every country. Our instrumentation inspires Rock N Roll, our lyricism inspired Hip Hop, our icons inspired the world. Reggae is the Lovers music and the world needs love. Love is the Power Of Reggae ( ‘member that). So on this Monday Morning I greet you with LOVE!  Make sure you Tune in to the radio show today at 4PM (US) | 9PM (UK). This Monday Morning Music pick is obvious: Tito Simon – This Monday Morning Feeling…classic… Have a Classic day my people. See you at 4PM